When to replace batteries?


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Just curiosity.:pconfused:

I’ve been using my detector mostly on weekends since last Christmas when I bough it. Most of my hunts are less than two hours on any given day.

According to the manual, to do a battery check I have to turn the sensitivity dial counter clock wise to batt check. But I can’t find on the manual any information on when to replace batteries.

The detector still has the batteries that came with it, but I always carry a new set of AA batteries.

I measured the voltage with a multimeter and its 10.66V so I think its ok, but how I know when to replace them?


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Most new detectors are using Regulated power!

Carry new sets and run them until it poops out.

Most have a Battery check on them and needs to be checked after the unit has been on for a while and the batteries are on the Down hill Curve.



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I replace my batteries on my whites XLT when they get down to about 10 or 11...On my PI, I wait till the tone is not as strong and then change..If not sure, then I would just change them out in yours..and always carry some spares as you do...Just in case...Hope this helps out some...Buster...:smile:


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The MXT will let you know every time you turn it on it checks the batteries it doesn't start saying battery till about 8 volts and I have hunted for 2 hours after that started then changed them. I would guess most detectors that use 8 batteries 8 volts would be the limit. Make sure the batteries aren't leaking. Tim


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I like to replace mine once there down to about half way.....then I use them in other things like my flashlight etc. Id rather be stuck in the dark than without full power while diggin. :lol: