Which Coil Should I Get ?


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I have a Cibola that came with the 9X8 monolithic coil. I'm looking for a coil that is lighter in weight.
I'll be using my detector at a salt water beach in dry & wet sand specifically for jewelry hunting. I have used this detector in a salt water environment with "reasonable" success. What coil or coils would you suggest?


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Honestly I'd use the one you have. Trying to cover a beach with a smaller coil would be like moving a sand dune with a small spoon.

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I use an 8 inch coil on my Excalibur and would not think it wise to go smaller that that. diggin brains just upgraded in size on his AT GOLD to a 12 inch coil. Low and slow buddy.
I agree. Stick with the 9x8. I used my Vaquero with the same coil at Huntington beach in the wet and dry sand and I found so much money and jewelry I had to pinch myself to see if I was awake.