Which detector??

I have been reading a lot of info and I am still confused on which detector to buy. My budget is $300. I live on the coast with a lot of beaches also close by are woods and fields I can search in. So far I have been looking at the Ace 250 but have just heard there is a 350 that may be in my price range. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks


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I had an Ace 250, great detector for beginners or seasoned hunters. the 350 from what I know has the same electronics just a bigger coil. for my money I would look into a Tesoro, if you don't mind used and don't need an ID screen you can get a Cibola, Silver Umax,Eldorado or a few other models for around 300.00. good luck with whatever you choose.


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Welcome to the site! Glad to have you on! The ACE 250, Fisher F2, Tesoro Silver. Any of those are very good units to start with, Beale.