White's BHID headphone attachment repair for dummies


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Yep...mine dry rotted in the garage after being basically neglected for a few year...So earlier in the year I put a call for help for the parts...lots of good replies but no part number. Last week at work I was talking to a older co-worker who happens to own a White's BHID and he tells me has some spare ear phone attachment parts from when this happened to him...he has an extra set and gave them to me. So first the old pieces had to come off...they did in pieces literally.

(old and new side by side)

So I break out a cordless drill with a 1/8 drill bit. then I begin to chip away and in the end, the last piece fell inside of the ear cup that is sealed.

Problem. So to deal with this setback, I figure I have to lightly 'pry' the earcup ever so gently and fish the 'nub' out. It didnt work that easy as you need three hands and I only have two. In the end on the first one a chunk of the earcup broke off. On the second side it wasn't that bad. I used some five minute epoxy we use on at work (double-bubble) The only thing I have seen degrade that epoxy is chlorine. I used in on helicopters rotor blades in the Marines. Problem solved, and new parts installed...yep it aint pretty, but it works and is still waterproof...

Here is the finished product....



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Nice work! My headset cord on the excal is also rotted. Havent figured out how to deal with that one yet. Minelab says tough luck. Send the detector and we will return it in few months with a hefty bill. LOL

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Nicely done Ric,, I just ordered a set of water proof head phones for my AT PRO. I hope a good rinsing ,, especially after a salt water outing will help prolong the life of the headset. That salt water eats through everything.:cool: