White's new GMZ... Anyone have any comments???... anyone used??

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Sorry,I can't comment on the GMZ. I searched a few forums and got a good deal on a GMT (used but not a mark on it).I wanted the screen so i could see the possiblility of iron. check out some od the gold nugget shooter forums for a faster more complete response.:bthumb:


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Just picked it up yesterday and found flower gold with it. The first time out and it seems to be a very hard hitting MD . I will up date tomorrow after I get back from the GPPA claim here in Quartzsite AZ. --- Graw
GMZ ...tried

Tried it out! Yes, hits well.. all automatic/ no disc of any kind.. turn on... set GB and GO! I think the GMT is a superior unit from my initial go... but the $500 asking is a fair deal!....
Now to look for a good used GMT with a couple of coils!..Thanks guys..