Who uses a Bounty Hunter Lone Star?

Got a chance to buy one of these really Cheap. Works and looks like new. Looking for a beginner detector for my 8 year old daughter. How do they perform?


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I do not use one. I would think it would make a good unit for your son though. Heck call up Kellyco and ask them, or do a side by side. Good luck, Beale.


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If you got it, then your daughter will like it...Might trade up in a few years if she likes it a bunch..you will do good...Buster.....:wavey:


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If It works then thats a Great Deal. Good starter for a youngun and I've see the $50.00 Fast trackers pull some nice finds. I say get it. Bounty Hunters may not be built as tough as some others But they will Produce Great stuff like all the others once ya learn the machine.


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Can I thread-jack for a sec? Okay I'm going to anyway here goes....

TQ is the most awesome forum ever and here is why - most other forums, when someone says they bought a BH metal detector or asks if they SHOULD by a BH metal detector, everyone gets 18 kinds of negative and says that they're no good and people should go with some other brand - EVEN if the reason they're getting it is for a kid and they just need something affordable to kick around!

Now... I don't know if all of you guys remember but I ran a contest asking for Treasure Find Stories about a year ago. I got TONS of stories from people who use BH metal detectors. There's one lady who found a freaking Civil War Confederate army belt buckle with a Tracker IV for goodness sake!!!

So I am totally in support of you getting this BH Lone Star. I've heard lots of good things about them and I think it will be a lot of fun! It's not super complicated and if you don't spend a lot of money on it you won't be hurtin' if it doesn't get any use. We don't have the Lone Star for sale but we do have the Land Star (is that a newer model or something?) and here's a story of a guy who found a really special coin with his Land Star.

Bounty Hunter Customer Treasure Stories - Kellyco Metal Detectors

Thread-jack over. I feel better.
Hi all !

I've been using this unit for five years now, to my entire satisfaction. I use it mostly with the 10" magnum coil, and, with the sens and disc knobs at their preset points, I get our (larger than US ) euro coins at an average of 7" deep.

This, being a beach hunter, is more than needed in the summer, when hunting for coins only.

Cranking the sens up and the disc down will provide 2 to 4 " bonus depth, with the disavantage of incorrect ID for the deeper coins.

All in all, I keep thinking that buried treasure doesn't know how much you paid for your metal detector. Simple units will do well in most of the cases.

Good Product

I have been using this model for 2 years and LOVE it. Best find was civil war bullets in Alabama and a 2.5K diamond ring in a silver setting. Wife wears the diamonds now in a gold setting, of course. Good product but I may upgrade once I return from my present deployment to Iraq.

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I just bought a Bounty Hunter Lone Star (first metal detector) and so far I'm really pleased with it. I feel like I'm the king of pop top finders, but I've managed to find a coin or two and other pieces of iron. I am very pleased with it.