Why nobody likes 1350?

I bought Garrett 1350.
And then, having read many russians n' other countries' forums I saw that Garrett 1350 not so popular than other Garrett models including even Ace 250 and 150, less functional ones.(but no doubt beautiful in thit line).
And at this forum we can see only two topics dedicated to 1350.
That's why I'd like to know your opinion about the model.
The detector' prices are increasing, but 1350 is on the same level....
Small sales?
My take on the 1350 is it is below in sales as the 1500 and there are just not that many people using it on TQ. Maybe on other Garrett forums there are more using it. It just reports the info different and is a good detector for the money.


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From everything I have read it is a nice unit. I think you will be happy with thw results. I think the ACE selling so many is one reason as to the reports. The 1350 is for sure a step up and a good detector, Beale.
I found that Garret MD have'nt so big depth difference.
For example... Ace 250 - 8 inch for standart coin,550 - + 1 inch to Ace,1350 - + 1 inch to 550... But look what the price difference between 250 and 1350! Huge!
We pay for cool functions.. Talkin' lady sitting inside 2500, for example.. Want her? Sure -No!
I think Mr.Garrett should make simple MD, not so heavy (like ACE 250), and with good detecting depth (like Minelab Exp,E-Trak)...


I wanted create a topic dedicated to this question,but could'nt find a branch at the forum.

Garrett company has nothing new. They re-made Ace 250 up,calling it as Professional. But what's changed? Added couple of coils?
That's why all MD market in Russia captured by Minelab. They created light, comfortable,with good depth MD which has found its owners in Russia and many other countries.

My opinion - depth and lightness, but not unhandiness and bid weight need for Garrett.
Nothing new - company is slowly dying.......
I'm not bussinessman,I'm a retired cop.

But I wonder what Mr.Garrett thinking about....
Talkin' lady.....

When ordering my 1500 the hobby shop owner showed me a flyer for the latest garrett deals and the 1350 was one of them. Not sure why I ignored it, but glad I did. The 1500 is very sweet ! As for the 2500 talking to me, give me a break ! Totally smacks of gimmick. Haven't heard any unusual complaints on the 1350.
The company has'nt any other new projects. I've been writting them about very successfull steps by Minelab on russian MD market. Tell them about prob. reasons.. I liked Garrett so much and I tried to help. But no replied.
It's so pity to observe how the company refused from new devices.


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Paul I had a 1350, I liked it alot, but my reason for getting rid of it was that it was way too heavy for me. it was a good coin finder and right on the money with id's... but again, it was way to heavy for me.


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i just baught the 1350,and waiting for it to get here.i hope i didnt make a mistake, all the reviews wrere positive not one bad review. the reason for the choice was, i had baught a treasure 300 about 5 years ago, and was un happy the hole time i had it. garret had me send it back as of this month,and give me 40% off a nother m/d. i own a white old liberty-di witch is a great m/d.hope i diddnt go wrong
Sure,it is not bad. But wanna depth like E-Trak has.
At the moment when I detect a coin I get thinking that something lies deeper and if I have Explorer (for ex.) I'd detect it... you understand...
I love the GTP 1350. It is everything the ACE 250 pretends to be, and is far smoother to operate. When the ACE 250 finally grows up, it will become a GTP 1350.

The Profiling is perfect, giving just the right amount of size information. Plus the 1350 uses any of the Garrett Crossfire coils to do this sizing job - the 1500 and 2500 use only thier own coils.

In testing I found the 1350 to be the equal of some rather pricey units from other makers. It is as deep as most, from what I've seen, and beats a few others. It is very sensitive, and I have found some mighty small things with it. In fact, it requires some restraint in this regards.

In trash it has good separation, and gets a dime within 2" of a nickel with the stock coil! Put the small sniper on and it does even better, while still retaining good depth.
It has Auto track ground balance and can be wound out as far as your conditions allow. No boinging, bouncing ACE can do that!

Its only flaw is it's lack of a selectable, all metal mode. I would also like to see a fourth tone added, but neither of these are big issues.

I believe that the GTP 1350 is one of the best genreal purpose instruments money can buy. If anyone disagrees with me and wants to sell theirs, just let me know.