Wisconsin lost/buried treasure


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I was poking around the wisconsin historical societys web site, found a seach engine for newspaper article, entered " wisconsin river" in the key word field and left the the location field empty. found an interesting article titled Adventurers seek hidden fortune in cave bluff on the wisconsin river, the article went on to tell stories about indians/robbers robbing boats and hiding the loot in a cave high up in a bluff, the article came from the lacrosse tribune april 15 1923, makes for some good lite reading also found another interesting article when i entered "lost treasure" in the keyword field. article came from the Wausaukee independent march 1917 entitled "The lost Treasure of Nigger hill" sorry for the use of the "N" word not wanting to offend. Has anyone else from wisconsin heard these stories?
Don't know anything about your area, but those old articles like that are fun reading. Good luck in your research and your hunting!


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Yup, bogus bluff, in that same article they mentioned that some indiians/robbers robbed a military ship of its payroll kinda sounded like one of your posts on columbia county. Any suggestions for treasure hunting books for wisconsin?
any treasure hunters in or near rapids wi

looking for some one who knows the area around rapids wi like someone who really knows and not a bull s!!!!!!!!! er