Woodhenge Found!


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I know you have heard of Stonehenge, well I found Woodhenge in my backyard today. Research shows that it appears to be a sacrificial site. If you look closely you can see charred remains of pine inside the circle. I am 100% sure that the cedar used in it's construction was cut at a different site then transported to the build. In fact, I even found the source as evident in the second picture. Evidently two of the logs were too heavy to move. And lastly, carbon dating puts this site at about March 26th, 2019AD 5pm give or take an hour!
I don't know if I should contact the archeologists or do my own search for artifacts. I will probably let the site age for a couple days before I do any digging! Wish me luck! :LOL:

20190326_212626.jpg 20190326_195259.jpg