Would You Hunt in This?


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Walking along the Malecon above Lima Bay this morning I saw people swimming and sufing in water that was a putrid brown colour with larbe patches of foam floating on top of it. Plenty of buzzards were perched on the condo balconies above the beach, waiting for something tasty to wash ashore. I could smell the stink of sewage and rotting fish wafting up from the ocean below and couldn't imagine wading into that giant toilet bowl to go detecting.
The surfers and the swimmers didn't seem to mind but for me it was a no go and I am really starting to jones for a treasurehunting fix. So tell me fellow surf pirates, would you hunt in waters like this?


NOTE: The last pic is the view from my patio back in Bermuda and while I appreciate that I was spoiled by Bermuda's turquoise waters and pink beaches, I'm not about to wade into a disgusting brown toilet bowl for a hoop of gold.



TQ's Master Pirate
I think of all the times I have been rolled by the surf and come up spitting a lung full of water, it's enough to gag a maggot just thinking about that toilet water in my lungs.


Sanitation in South America is no were near North American specifications. I'm hoping the hunting conditions will be much better when I get to Ecuador.


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That is realy sad to see.I dont think I would even care to do the dry sand at that beach.Hopefully you can get some detecting in soon Eric...I know what it is to need that fix. Our snow is melting off up here and I might just get out tomorrow for some treasure findin. :pcool:


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BDA...if you don't see peeps sporting bling hanging down there...stay away from the haz-mat site. Might just be a beach where poor folk go who dont know better, but want their beach too,,,

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It seems that the natives of such an environment have been subjected to that environment for so long, they have a "tolerance" for it. But oftentimes a visitor will get sick if exposed. That's why we hear of so many travelers becoming ill while traveling in foreign places. Be careful.

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That is totally disgusting BDA.....I can see why you are getting frustrated by not being able to get out to hunt. I wouldn't even start to consider a hunt in THAT!! Be safe...... Gold Nuggets :wavey:


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Well, we put Lima behind us this morning and hopped a plane to Guayaquil, Ecuador - man is it hot and humid hear after dry and temperate Lima.
Naturally the driver had to take us to the aeropuerto by driving along the circuito de playas - the stink was particularly bad with an onshore breeze.

Going to try and get out to the beaches around Santa Elena and see if there are any gold coins left from those shipwrecks.:arghh: