You Don't Hear Much About the Cortes, But


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I have been detecting for over 13 years and I retired 20 months ago so I hunt every day the weather is good. While working I hunted about two or three times a week. I buy and trade used detectors and I have lost track of how many I have tried. I usually don't use them for a couple of hours and trade or sell them, but I give them a hard one or two month workout(40 or 50 hours). I have tried every new detector except for the White Vision and Etrac. I have used an Explorer SE pro this year as my main detector and while a great detector, it is heavy on my surgically repaired wrists(11 surgeries). I always have one backup to the Explorer and I just got around trying my first Tesoro Id detector. I have used all of the others Bandito,silver, V, C, and Tejon and have had success with them all, but I always get tired of thumbing the disc knob to check all the targets. I got the Cortes used a couple of weeks ago and I have used it for over 20 hours. First, it is light. It has a very accurate meter that is accurate to 8 inches or so which is better than some of the expensive ID machines I have used. It has a great all metal and a factory preset ground balance. In most of the places I have used it, it has been a deep detector( coins from 6 to 9 inches). I have had a couple of places that the mineralization was too bad and the depth was cut considerably. I hunt with the disc to accept nickles and count on the meter. I have not been disappointed with the meter. It is very accurate on copper and silver coins. I have not got the nickles completely figured out, but I am finding many more of them. I don't have to use the sum mode which is a tone ID mode to use when you are checking a questionable target. The meter is just so accurate. I found a silver quarter at 9 inches and probably close to 25 wheat pennies with some 8 inches deep. This detector is a "sleeper" and I am having a great time with it. R.L.

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I think Tesoro ID machines are under-rated, because they don't LOOK fancy. It's funny also how older models(that they don't make anymore) are "hot" on the market. I'll bet that if they quit making that machine, everybody would suddenly want one....:bthumb: Never met a Tesoro that I didn't like!


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Thanks for the review...very informative. I have a Compadre and Tejon. I think the Compadre is the 'sleeper' of the bunch, its very good. The Tejon on the other hand is a handful unto itself...I'll be seller her soon, but the Compadre is a keeper...Always wondered about the Cortes...

Thanks on the review! Glad to know the Cortes is a good unit. I have the DeLeon on order now, Beale.
You will not be disappointed in the DeLeon.It's just as deep.I do know one guy that was not getting the depth with it and he sent it back twice.After the second time,it really went deep.I have one that I traded for but have only used it once for about 30min,got a wheatie at 7".


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I have an Etrac and AT Pro and was thinking about getting a Cortes or DeLeon. Just something different and their top machine that none of the people I hunt with has.
RLOH ... you said you have not tried the ETrac yet? it's as heavy as the Explorer, but a beast! If you get a chance, try it.

I guess my only wonder is how good the TDI display is compared to other detectors? I dig a lot regarless of TDI, but I like to have it.


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What do you think of the Cortes as alternative to a Minlab Safari or a Nokta Golden Sense?
I would be interested to know . . . thanks!