"you May Be Country If"

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Today we are starting the "YOU MAY BE COUNTRY IF" for all the "COUNTRY FOLK" HERE (THAT REMEMBERS THESE THINGS) AND ALL THE "WANT TO BE" COUNTRY FOLK HERE. I will be posting country sayings and doing's each and every day weather permittin..Should be fun ! PAPPY:lol:


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Lets Get Started Remembering

YOU MAY BE COUNTRY IF...Your favorite part of summer is workin' in the garden with your Grandpaw, then sittin' on the front porch in the evening eatin' watermelon.:smile:
ok now this is all true out here. ya mite be country if ya got your first coat of winter wax on the tractors,or ya got to chase the hens out of the kitchen(the ones that run in the back door when you go out) ya mite be country if your home entertainment center is a new job site radio.:icon_wink
ya might be country if ya cook more outside than inside. and the smoker still looks great.
you might be country if: when your dad got back from the ice house, you set on top of the ice cream maker, while your brother turned the handle, then when he got tired, he sit on it while you turned the crank handle. When we couldn't crank it anymore, Daddy would finish it off. Best ice cream in the world. (Execpt for the head ache)


you might be country if Your house still has the
[SIZE=+2]sign on the back. [/SIZE]


You might be country or a redneck if

You have every episode of Hee-Haw on tape.

You've ever been involved in a
custody fight over a hunting dog.

You think a turtleneck is
a key ingredient for soup.

You think the French
Riviera is a foreign car.

Your toilet paper has page numbers on it.
ya might be country ifn ya dont have trash pick up. but when you clean the freg. it goes in the upper field for the critters.an the burn barrel is in the middle of the upper yard. and recyclin is a bottle dump.(dang somebody is gonna love me in 150 years.) and anything else, ya got to sneak into work to put in the dumpster.:wink:
ya might bbe country when ya got elect. and a computer and storms an doppler radar is more important than the stock market. dang i wish this was a contest.:biggrin:
You might be a cajun if your family's having a crawfish boil and momma says "Don't eat the dead ones!" ... then everyone nods because they know what that means!!!
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