"you May Be Country If"

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You May Be Country If

you try to turbo charge your computer with a lighting bolt!
Let me tell ya it dont work had to get a new puter:cussing:
summertime meant fresh frog legs
you had to sneak past the bull in the pasture to get to the creek in the back to go skinny dipping
4th of July fireworks consisted of waving around a tire flare
you would brave the bees to get to the honeysuckle
you spent an entire afternoon swatting 17 year locusts with a badmitton raquet
all you wanted for christmas was a bb gun
you used to have acorn fights and know how bad it hurts when you get hit
leisure suits :rofl:

what a great thread!!! read all 35 pages and went back in time


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Okay, I have a few

Do you remember keeping lightin' bugs in a jar?

Did any of you ever tear 'em in half and use their butts for glow in the dark face paint?

Did you ever climb the tree in your back yard and have to yell for a neighbor to come and help you down? hehe I did this so often when I was 5 or 6 that my parents had to tell me to stop climbin' trees!

Do you remember makin' your big wheel skid and make that cool skidding sound with the pull break?

Did anyone ever play with rolly pollys along side of your matchbox cars?
I remember when a bottle of coke came out chest type vending machine

When you could walk into an Ice Cream store(Highs) and get a double dipper for 35 cents

When taking shotguns to school so we could dove hunt in the afternoon was never thought of as a threat

Balsa wood airplanes with a rubber band to wind the prop up

When everyones dog looked like some kind of hound

Real Christmas trees and bulbs the size of a Jalapeno pepper

Ordering from a Sears outlet store

Home made lemonade in a metal pitcher

Riding in the bed of a pickup on a nice day

Jumping trains to get across town


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I just found this post. It's great:rofl:

You are country if you move 5 times and never get out the same yard.

You are country if your swimming hole is the bayou in your front yard.:multi:

you are country if you can total your Dad's truck in your back yard.:eek:

you are country if you stir the pot on Sunday and there are chicken feet in it.

You are country if you have 10 sheds and nowhere to put stuff.

You are country if everyone in your neighbor hood has there own boat launch.

mmight be country

Here's one I heard but not sure where from:

"You might be country if you kick your boots off before you go outside"

Here's one from me:

You may be country if you cringe when ever they tear down a patch of woods for a new parking lot. Or they fill in the ole muddin' hole with a bowling alley.

Industry, needs to back off some.


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More Country

You know the difference between a hissie fit and a conniption, and that you don't "have" them, you "pitch" them.

If someone says he'll "be back directly". you know exactly how long it will be before he's back.

You know "gimme some sugar" is not a request for the white, grannular sweet substance that sits in a pretty little bowl on the middle of the table.

You know instinctively that the best way to comfort a neighbor who's got trouble is to give a plate of hot fried chicken and a big bowl of cold potato salad. If the neighbor's trouble is a real crisis, you know to add a large bananna puddin.

You know the difference between a right near and a right fer place.

You make friends while standing in lines.

You have caught yourself lookin.

You don't scream obscenities at a little old lady who drove too slowlly on the freeway. You just say "Bless her heart" and go your own way.:bthumb:


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You May Be Country If

You know that salet is just another name for greens.

Receipts mean recipes.

You know what the lights in a hog are.

Snuff from your grandpa's mouth soothed a bee sting.

You love pimento cheese samwiches.

You can describe the taste of souse meat.

A vacation is a road trip on which you look at as many old log buildings as you can fit in a two-and-a-half day schedule.

"I use ta could" is a sentence you can understand.

You know that those brown and black furry cater pillars are called woolly worms.

You learned square dancing in school as a form of PE.
You Know Yer Country Iffin

Ya got more corn in mason jars under the back porch than you have cans of corn in the kitchen pantry....



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You have used kerosene or turpentine for medicinal purposes.

You know how to recycle a Sears catalog.

You know that you keep your cows in a born.

You know what window lights are, and you have washed them every spring.

You know what it means when your MA says to "wrap him one." ( My MA had a dog that would jump up on visitors, and she would say, ("Roll up that newspaper and warp him one.")

You have gone sledding on a fodder shock

You know how to make your own wine, livermush and chow chow.:bthumb:


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You are at work and it starts to rain, but you know the neighbors will get your clothes off the line.

You know Monday is wash day.

You take your shoes off and walk through mud puddles.

You know what hose pipes are.

Before using anything that runs on gas you have to work at least an hour on it.

Your Pap ask "How do ya like them apples".:wavey:
I got a good warping once for breakin a window light with a rock.

If your Ma has ever neddled your legs. Got that for breakin a window light too.

If you've ever spent the whole morning snappin string beans while your Ma was cannin them.

You hate havin to break in a new pair of overhauls.

You know what pee-pees are.

You know that blackberrys & chiggars go together.

Your Ma saves all the left over vegtables & meat in the freezer so she can make soup later.

You know what hot water corn bread is.

Would love to have some of that soup with hot water corn bread and a cold glass of buttermilk right now. How bout you Pappy?
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