F5 Finds Gold Again!!

I've had my F5 for a week now and it's a blast. Last night took my 12 year old grandson to an old park (mid 1800's) to do some hunting. These were my stomping grounds when I was his age. There's a short steep grassy hill I figured kids throughout the years have been rolling down and hopefully losing some change along the way. After several coins (not very old) he hit a signal. Eventually found a hair pin. A cheap box of 500 hair pin. Checked the hole again. Still a strong signal. Dug a little into the side of the hole and there it was. Not the gold (remember, this story is about the gold). Anyway, I see a round coin. It's bigger than a quarter and smaller than a half dollar. Got it cleaned up at home and barely able to make out what looks like a dragon and the words 'TAI CHING' and some Chinese writing. I found it on the web. It's a 1905 or so TAI-CHING-TI-KUO copper coin. It's actually a copper/bronze alloy. Much of the details are worn off and I suspect most of it before it got buried. Pretty cool find indeed.
So I went back to that same little hill today and found more coins (not very old), a bullet casing, plenty of junk, and another gold ring (my second). This one is the size of a small child's ring. 10k with an amethyst surrounded by 5 little diamonds. It would have been 6, but it was missing one. You know, there's nothing quite like a shiny gold ring looking up at you from a chunk of dirt. :wave:



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Congrats on the hunting! That Gold will make your day for sure! I would love to see a picture of it and the coin, good work, Beale.
Congrats on the Gold Ring :multi: and the old Chinese coin, sounds like you had an awesome hunt and I'm glad to hear you having good success with the F5, way to go. :bthumb:


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Hello Dale...
I don't remember bumping into you yet so let me say, Welcome to TQ!..
Sounds like you had a nice hunt with your grandson & congrats! on the gold... :bthumb:
Continued Good luck, & Happy hunting~
thats awesome!! not only did you find some good stuff but your haveing a great time with your grandson ... thats the true treasure

be safe
Here is what our coin would look like in better condition. There are slight differences in the placement of the symbols, so until I can get to a good coin dealer, the best guess is 1900 - 1906 TAI-CHING-TI-KUO copper coin. How it got there is anyone's guess. I sure didn't see that one coming. Anyway, I figured out how to copy and paste, but still having trouble editing to enlarge so you can see the amazing details of this find. I'll get it eventually.