Full Review of Garretts Ace 250 and Coils.

"Ace 250 is an outstanding all-around metal detector at a reasonable price. It is easy to tune and easy to use. The Ace 250 is recommended for beginners as well as "old pro's". It can be used to hunt old coins, jewelry, relics, artifacts, buried treasures and other valuables. Charles Garrett says "Our ACE detectors offer excellent depth, rugged design and performance at a price only Garrett can offer"
I wouldn't doubt that the Ace 250 has become the worlds most popular detector. My personal opinion is the Ace 250 is a well preforming machine in almost any ground conditions. It comes at a real good price of $212 ta the KellyCo Detector superstores website, at that price you cant beat it. So far it has been worth every penny. It has found countless coins, including some silver ones too. Also, using this detector I have been awarded with two pieces of gold jewelry worth more than $650.00+.
The Ace 250 has two extra coils that are for sale on most dealers websites I have rated these coils with stars and color, green being good, yellow being okay, and red being worst ;
Sniper Coil - This coil is recommended for tot lots and small areas where most coils will not be capable of reaching. It does terrifyingly well in most ground conditions and trashy areas as well. Although I do not recommend this coil for deep coin hunting. The farthest I have dug for a coin in a custom search mode with seven sensitivity barely reaches five inches at the most. If your going to get another coil for you detector, this ones your best option. I give it 9/10 stars.
Stock Coil- The stock coil itself is really good. Small but powerful enough to get past the trash and find you coins. Despite its size it has surprisingly good depth... on custom mode seven sensitivity you can get around 7.5 inches on a quarter! Most coins including some old ones can easily be reached with this coil. I would almost always use this coil for every hunting location. I give it 10/10 stars.
9 x 12" Coil - I rated this coil as red because its more or less buy beware... buy at your own risk! This big beast is said to offer more depth, well, on most occasions I was only able to get an extra inch or so of depth. From switching from any one of the coils listed above to this one, weight is surely noticed. Pinpointing with it is okay. Does terrible in trashy areas but covers ground quickly. I give it 6/10 stars.
There are another two coils listed on this detector, including one off brand coil sold by a company called "Excelerator" hey offer a version that I think is 12 x 14" and is DD. The last one is offered by Garrett and is sold as a stock coil for the new Garrett Ace 350. It also is DD.
As for the detector itself, I give it 10/10 stars. I would also like to add that the pinpointing is superb. All depth read outs when pinpointing are extremely accurate. But on some occasions the pinpointing goes out and all to be heard is a steady hum.
I read a lot of reviews last week as I shopped for my first ever md. The Garrett reviews along with the Fisher F2 were consistent. IT came down to the batteries for me. The 4 AA are cheaper for me b/c I already have the charger and batteries.

Really looking forward to seeing that big brown truck arrive sometime soon!


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Very good and true review. :bthumb::bthumb::bthumb::bthumb:

I personally would disagree on one point only, :yikes::yikes:
being a salt beach hunter I have to say that in the dry sand
the 9X12 was getting between 12-14 inches. :alcoholic:alcoholic:alcoholic
If you hit a trashy area the trick is to work round the targets in a circle to seperate them and to locate individual targets the front tip of the coil can do that.

But yes, the Ace 250 is an excellent all rounder
especially at the price. :multi::multi::multi::multi::multi:
In these very hard times, & people with not alot of money to spend, you cannot beat the 250 or 350 for the money. IMHO if your new & looking @ the 250 if you can spend alittle more go for the 350 with the DD coil. I love that you can just turn this detector on & go, go, go & it finds everything, being honest am lazy & don't want to ground balance tune this & that I just want to hunt & see what I come up with, thats the fun !!!! you never know what each day will bring, I was told by an oldtimer to this hobby a long time ago dig everything because you never know whats to the left or right of the first hit you heard, every good find I found was next to a nail-cap or pull-tab, thats why you check the hole more than once. I think that was what Mr. Garret was thinking when he came up with the Ace series & the AT Pro, a family of great detectors for land & water for people that really don't have alot of money to spend on this very fun hobby.

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I was told by a few members of TQ ,,that the AT PRO is an ace 250/350 on steroids. I like your reveiw and I'm waiting in my steroid activated machine to arrive! (Ordered lastweek)