Infinium LS. on the way to me.


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Aloha gang,
Years ago I had thought about buying a Garret Infinium LS. Then I just found out that they were discontinued a few years
But I still am interested in using one. So today I saw one on eBay and went for it.
Yes..... another
The seller had what I considered a nice deal for the package offered.
I will add a picture of it.
Thoughts and or experiences with this unit ?


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There used to be a guy in this forum who used an Infinium.
He always hunted with it and showed many pics of him hunting rivers and creeks.
He was an older guy at that time.

He thought the world of the Garrett Infinium, but I'm sorry I can't remember his name.
Aloha Mikey, nice ta cya again M8.