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I made it out for about 4hrs. last Friday and again yesterday for a little over 4 hrs. to a park that is bookended by 2 lakes. I wasn't having much luck in the park so I went over to the rectangular lake and worked the perimeter. It wasn't great, but like a slot machine, it was giving enough to keep me interested. As I was nearing the starting point I was rewarded with a 1964 Rosie. As you can see, the ground here isn't very nice to silver, but luckily after a little elbow grease it cleaned up nicely. That was the highlight of the day, with my total being $5.72.
Yesterday I went back to do the other lake and though no silver was too be had, I at least found a U.S. Grant dollar coin. Always nice to find those. Total for yesterday was $8.43. There wasn't a whole lot of trash, which was nice, and the only thing worth mentioning was the small knife, shown in the first picture of the 2 hunt finds, and the rosie after cleaning.