The Whites GMT Is A Gold Hound....

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.....with automatic ground balance and "fast AutoTrac".

Automatic Ground Balance with fast AutoTrac® cancels the ground minerals in seconds and then tracks to changing conditions as you hunt. The microprocessor monitors and stores the ground mineralization value and displays it on the LCD.

The Grab pushpad instantaneously sets the ground balance with just a touch of the pushpad. In both Automatic and Manual modes.

Full-time Iron ID Bar Graph displays the percentage probability of iron. Important information to help decide whether or not to dig a target!

Optional Audio Iron ID "Grunt" comes at the end of the GMT's "zip-zip" sound. Instantaneously alerts you to a high-probability iron target.

Iron Target Analyzer - Squeeze the trigger and the GMT stops tracking and begins to analyze the target to determine its probability of being iron with each successive pass of the search coil. Data is added or subtracted with each sweep and sent to the bar graph and to the Audio "Grunt" alert feature. Release the trigger and you're off and hunting again.

"Follow the Paystreak" displays the amount of magnetic minerals in the ground. Gold hides in streaks, so follow the streaks.

Variable Self-Adjusting Threshold (VSAT)

Initial Control Settings on each control get you out hunting right away.

Slide-in "AA" Battery System with approx 40 hours of hunting. (Optional Nicad Rechargeable System available.)

Powerful, elliptical "DD" search coil helps cancel the ground, and presents an elongated "window" for detecting the tiniest nuggets.

48 kHz operating frequency.


Not open for further replies.