10 million in gold coins


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Why, if I found something such as this.........it would make me Happy and giddy enough to almost act like those two Buffoons on Diggers. You know, K.G. and the Ringmaster........well......Almost. Yep, my hopes were crashed against the rocks when I saw the premiere of Diggers last night. If anything their behavior and Silly Antics were even worse than before if you can imagine that. The tumbling down the hill, shaking the apple tree, spitting apples from the mouth. Too much for me folks. I love to see some of the things they find, but you have to see their Silly Nilly Antics in order to see them. I believe I've seen the last of these two. Just Me. I reckon I'm not a Modern Today's sort of guy. It's a shame too, because this has the potential to be so much more and show the serious side of what we do and why.
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