Picked up a fisher 1280-x this summer from a garage sale.It was free so I figured hmmm...I'll see if it can be fixed.Turn's out someone left the battery's in and it's corroded in the batt compartment.Is it worth trying to fix up the battery holder?What do these detectors go for?I'm kinda thinking all I'll be out is a few buck's repairing the holder and such.Any thought's?Tom:spin:

ypu that's kinda what I have in mind,the wires are still intact but the comnnecter is corroded as is the holder.I'm going to radio shack today and see if they have any generic parts to put in.Also it takes 8 aa battt's times 1.5 volts each equals 12 volt's.There goes my plan to put a nine volt in it!! Tom


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There is one way to get the battery acid off use soda it will neuteralize the acid if the contacts are not completely eaten away sense the wires are in tact it just may work hope this helps.Howard


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You may also want to look for a PC board cleaner. We use this stuff at work and it is made for electronics. It cleans real well. Radio Shack should have it, Beale.
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Just got back from the shack,Got a brand new batt holder and new lead for less than 5 buck's.temporaly installed it,and it's beeping like crazy on the frozen groung in the yard.There is lot's of construction debris out there.Anyway I think I made a good score on this one!! Thank's for the advice guy's,I can't wait till spring and hunting again!!!:wave:
1280x , good deal

Hey its a nice machine, I will usually run disc at around 5 and sens as high as possible, It gets rid of the some junk but it still finds the rings and coins. I have use this machine quite a bit and really like it. Its also waterproof down to 250 ft. Have fun with it.
Free is always good!!!:biggrin: This detector is a good water detector and so simple even my brother in law can use his. Fixing the battery comp. is the main thing you can do. Use silicone grease to apply to the rubber O-Ring and don't tighten the battery door knobs more than finger tight or you can pull the nuts out of the case.

Settings are usually Volume as loud as you can stand it when you run over a target. Sensitivity at the preset is really best with this detector, but in some areas you can use it higher. On saltwater beaches in the wet sand it may false unless you turn down the sensitivity. Disc. I set for making a null on a bobby pin and a solid signal on all else as you definitely need to be able to hear a pull tab as 90% of the gold rings are at the same range.

This detector is really a water detector as it is built like a tank for the rough environment of the water or shore. It also does not have a pinpoint mode for good land park hunting without making a big hole which makes park managers want to shoot us detector users.
Thank's for the info to all who replied.I'm waiting for the snow to go away,there are a couple of park's right here in town,We are right on lake superior.And I know of the other swimming holes along the lake nearby too.Been looking at pinpointers lately too,Any good suggestiong on one?I'm kinda new at detecting,have a $40:00 radio shack detector I got just to try out if i liked the hobby.Yup I do!! Tom:icon_cool