1974 D & 1995 P Double Die Halfs Dollar CONFIRMED


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Well it only took me to go threw around 7,900 halves in the last month of coin roll hunting to hit first major pay-dirt...besides the 91 silver halves found so far.... So we are looking for the good stuff and I put all 1974's aside for an 'extra' look-see and Brandon (future son in law) and I found this well circulated coin. Used a trusty 30x loop, but we weren't sure if it was the real deal. So since I'm working days, he took it over to the new local coin dealer in town who verified it and according to him in this condition it is still worth between $100-150. (Belated happy dance once I found out after coming home). Also I had posted what we both thought was a 1995 P Double Die and had Ice, Wyatt and a few others research it for me a few weeks back. The dealer confirmed it was a what appears to be a double die also. They ( I found 2 of these coins) and the are in EF40- AU50 grade and in his own words, "I might be sitting on a goldmine." So its off to find a copy of the Cherry-pickers Guide to further research these coins also. Great news for me in the midle of the week and I didn't even swing a coil this weekend...Thanks for lookin' (Pic to follow in a few)




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Very cool Rick.Ya know I should get off my butt and start hitting some box's.Dano find's stuff like this all the time and it usualy goes in one ear and out the other for me......cuz I'm always thinking about going out and diggin for silver.But if you think about it(and seeing Dano and your results amongst other's) I should kick myself in the wazoo cuz between all the gold I'm going to find,doing some coin roll hunting as well should be right profitable and mabey I could quit my day job and go full tilt treasure findin for the rest of my days.....wouldent that be shaaaaweet ! :bthumb:


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Way cool Rick..this deal is getting good....Congrats...I would have liked to see your happy dance..well maybe not...Just the same, you did good...Better show those to Mike also...Did he ever get into the hunt...I bet he is still too busy...Congrats again...Chuck........:wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :wave: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey: :icon_cool :smile:


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