8-14 beach hunt


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Back to my usual beach. Picken's getting slimmer. Still found a few nice little rings. Have to admit to a little disappointment though. Thought I might have some white gold or platinum on the two BIG bands but one is stainless steel and the other is tungsten carbide. Beach weather seems to still be in the long term forecast so I'll keep hitting it. I am going to try to get to a small beach about fifteen minutes farther north but not sure when. There is a chance no one is hunting it, in which case there may be some good hunting, but it is just as likely it will be a muddy mess with few targets. Hard to hunt two places in one day because the beachgoers are there from daylight to dark. They are so spread out it is impossible to work around them especially with all the little kids. Once the weather cools there is a short window between sparser beach crowds and the water getting colder. Reportedly 1/4 of Ohio schools are going to be in person so the beaches will thin out end of August. NOTE - I have been hunting the sand with my NOX 800 after each hunt while drying off (I use the excal in the water). Happy to report that it is a pleasure to find so many small targets scattered about, including a few rings, that many others have passed right over. It has become a part of my hunt that I really look forward to. I would give the Nox high marks if anyone is considering it.



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When beach season winds all the way down I'll post a picture of all the rings from this summer. It's pretty amazing considering the few gold ones I've found.
I thought was you on my beach LOL. I am going out this coming Tues. but in the woods, maybe I'll dig up some dino bones , I hear they are worth alot, will have to hope they ate somebody with jewelry on them lol ?