Corn/Soy Bean Fields

I am fairly new to detecting, so forgive the simple question. I have many farm fields up here in Michigan. If you were to gain permission, are those fields good hunting grounds after the harvest?


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Most definitely good hunting grounds. It will be tough so be prepared for it. Fields are not big gardens and they aren't plowed like one. The ground is hard where those big heavy machines travel. Stubble is hard to deal with but it can be done. Would I hunt if I had access, you betcha I would. Do some research to see what was there before it became a farm field and where things were in the past.


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I believe we have a couple guys here who hunt those type of fields. I am of no help on your question but hoping one of those will help.


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They would be prime places to hunt. Especially if there were homes there back in the day. Go for never know what you will find


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Another Michigander, I'm from Grayling, Mi. and there are a few of us in here. I mainly hunt the woods, a field would be great, used to battling the ferns and trees !. Best of luck with your hunts, and hope you score big. :D


Plowed fields are just like all other sites. Sometimes you make some nice finds and other times you get skunked. Always worth giving it a try......nothing to lose but a little time.


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While searching the fields look for pieces of pottery or bricks. These will be indicators of a possible prior home site. Also areas where you get a lot of iron signals. Slow down and check these areas carefully.