Crater of Diamonds


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Hmmm you guys could stop by and pick me up since its on the way. I would even split the cost:D
That might be a possibilitie.

you got that one right, but man I sure would love to have either a small camper or small rv...go in style and I am very into having my own potty...LOL I know am strangeeeeeeeee
Exactly why we purchased a camper, Don't have to worry about Bed Bugs or anything left on toilet seats etc.
Bed Bugs are common place now at Hotels/Motels.


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The campsite at the park is very nice and new, they upgraded the old campground last year. 8 hours is a bit of a haul for most people I guess. I've been travelling for quite a while now so it qualifies as a good day for me, though to be honest I prefer to make 6 hour runs as it give us more time to see things along the way. In Mexico 8 hours is a long run because the driving is more stressful, no shoulders and the roads are narrower, plus it is just plain exciting to drive in the Baja.


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Thanks for the responses. It is a bit over a 1000 miles for me to get there. If i drive it in one day I will be worthless the next, or I can just drive it in 2 days. Leaves about 3 days to hunt.
Or, I just might go to the UP. I haven't decided yet.
I can make some different size screens easily for hunting diamonds.
RingDancer.....did you use screens, or just eyeball the ground you were walking on?

If you come up here to the U.P. I'd wait a while we've still got snow on the ground yet.
What part will ya head to if you come up this way?