Detecting for more than just Treasure


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I'm building a new house and I was cleaning my Paslode butane powered nail gun in the driveway the other day, maintenance is important with these handy nailers that do not require a compressor or an air hose. Now there is a small steel slug that fits into a groove at the tip of the gun and this fastens the depth guage in place, it is critical to the operation of the tool but in order to take the gun apart for cleaning you have to remove the screws that hold that small steel slug in place. I sprayed everything down really well with the cleaner degreaser and moved about the driveway as I did so, then I started to reassemble the freshly cleaned gun but the small steel slug was GONE! Yep, it had slipped out of the groove while I walked around spraying the cleaner and it was now lost in the driveway. This would be easy to find except that the small slug is the same grey black colour and about the same size as the gravel that makes up the composition of the driveway, throw in last Autumns leaves and you have a real mess on your hands.
I looked all over the driveway, carefully pulled apart a few piles of drifted leaves and after 15 minutes I had found nothing, then it hit me 'I own a metal detector'. I went inside and got out my Excal, adjusted the disc and sensitivity and got to work sweeping the driveway. In the first 2 minutes I found 3 wood screws and a roofing nail that I have been driving over without knowing it, in the next minute I heard the tone I was hoping for and buried in the leaf pile was the small steel slug from my nail gun. Not all treasure is golden. ;)




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Yes sir, MD's can and do play a dual role at times in the life of a homeowner. I have to add my name to the list too. Glad you found the slug for your nail gun.


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Bdahunter, what a beautiful view of the lake you and your Princess will have. I know that you both are anxious to move into your new castle. This is going to be a great looking home.


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I had a buddy throw a bunch of clad in my driveway once. He got a kick of me out there digging up my driveway. I thanked him properly for it.