First hunt with the Compadre


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I took the Compadre for it's first hunt to one of my favorite sites yesterday. I have pounded this site for hundreds of hours with a Tesoro Vaquero, a Teknetics T2, and a Minelab E-Trac. I wanted to see if the Compadre would turn up ay goodies the others missed (mainly gold). I set the discrimination low to just to cut out iron and I dug every target for 2 hours. Well that was exhausting! One thing is for sure, at this setting the Compadre is a pull tab & can slaw magnet.:p I did dig a clad dime, a cross, a junk earring, a key, a pocket watch part, and a button that the others missed. The spoon was probably overlooked because it overloaded on the other units.
Overall I very happy with the machine. I has a quick response, and even though it has no pin-pointing button, finding your target via the X method is very easy. At two pounds you can swing this thing all day, the question is can you dig all of those targets. I hear this unit is killer at tot lots and plan to use i the next time I got to one.
It sure was fun beep-digging again but it a lot of work!


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I have had my compadre for 3 days now.I have dug a lot of trash.But i have also found coins in a park that i go to all the time.And never found coins there before.My compadre is making me forget i have an ace 250.I love this little md.