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I have had my Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 Pro for approximately three years now. The first two years it rarely saw the light of day, or dead of night for that matter. Over this past winter my interest in Metal Dectecting (MD) increased and I started studying it and became more familiar with my machine. My 2011 MD season began on St. Patricks day and I have been obsessed with it ever since. The BH 505 is a respectable metal detector that will not overwhelm a new enthusiast. One outstanding feature is the Auto-notch button. A great setting for beginners to find coins. If you know absolutely nothing about MD all you have to do is turn the machine on, set the sensitivity at the 2 O'clock position and hit the auto-notch button. This setting will react to all the different types of coins with a high degree of confidence with one exception; nickels. The auto-notch setting will find nickels but it predominately finds aluminum cans instead of nickels. Out of my 609 coin finds this year only 18 have been nickels and most of those were found while digging for pennies, dimes, and quarters. But, the benefits of Auto-notch far outweight the lack of ability in finding nickels.
As you gain proficiency and knowledge you will undoubtedly begin using the discriminator settings. Read the manual, use the machine, get some repetitions in, and get in tune with the machine and you will steadily gain proficency which in turn leads to more finds.
Depth capability is respectable. I would say the average finds were at a depth of 2-4 inches with a few at the 5-6 inch range when conditions were exceptionally good (i.e. saturated ground). This machine is well suited for parks, athletic fields, and open spaces. I have attempted using it in remote sites and it does not seem to fair as well.
I believe, for the price, it's a very capable, stable, and easy to use machine that finds coins very well. I personally am planning to add another machine to my arsenal that has more programable features and is better suited for relic hunting but am glad that I started out with a machine that was easy to use and allowed me to learn the basics while still having success.


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Pioneer 505

This was the 2nd machine I ever owned, and it was an OK detector for it's price...I found tons of clad with it...It is not a big jewelry getter, unless your beach hunting. if you want to get the nickels, you MUST hiunt in the normal DISC mode and I suggest you always carry a nickel in your pouch...drop that nickel at the location your going to hunt, then pass your coil over it while turning your DISC knob from full down until you just pick up the want it set just slightly lower than the point where the nickel is first picked up...This should net you a little better finds...Also, dig those TAB signals if you want the Gold...The BH machines do not have the fluctuations in the tones like my QXT does...all items in a tone range sound the same, and deep targets souns the same as shallow ones...I do not think I dug a target over 6-7" deep with that machine...I never hit the deep Silvers until I stepped up to the White's Classic II SL, then the QXT Pro...My next machine will be the MXT Pro, or a Minelab Explorer or eTrak...