Heres some pics to share..

Been a while since I've stopped by - thought I'd drop in and share a couple pics.

A doe hanging on the edge of the woods.

A rough legged hawk

A nice 10 point from a couple falls ago

Bye Bye

Wasn't long ago and the woods looked like this.

Now thier like this.

And lastly my boy out icefishing with us on the ice..
cookie in mouth. lol.

and running back to see dad.

Hope everyone is keeping warm this winter - come on spring..
Take good care everyone.


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Awesome photos Dave,The last one of the dog is cool,looks like he's smilin and havein a great time out there on the ice. :biggrin:
Dave the pics you take are simply AMAZING, love the deer pics & that hawk is beautiful, nice waterfall pics & your dog is a real cutie, especially the pic with his cookie in his mouth, thanks for sharing those!!


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Thanks for sharing, and I like the first picture of the doe in the edge of the woods the best. It is just so clear and the hair on her and the pine needles just jump out in that picture. I agree with your last statement too, come on spring.