how long?


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Hey Walt it really should not take that long. It will feel like it does but it will be here soon!

What are you getting? In any event good luck with it, Beale.


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Very good detector! I hope it brings you many finds. If you have any questions on the Tesoros ask Tab Dog. He runs nothing but, Beale.


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Walt. As we talked on the phone. There was a mix up with the shipment on this one and I left a message for your dad that I was unable to get it to him by the date he specified. No one called back till you did and as I said:I should be able to get this out to you as soon as I receive more in. There have been some shortages of items from some manufactureres recently. If you are ordering a Tiger Shark for example or have ordered one then be advised that there is no way to know when they will ship since the factory is having an issue with the waterproof connectors.
Also..........ANYONE that has not received a call or email from me and have not received their item........PLEASE email me at or call me at 860-916-2506 which is my cell so I can resolve the issue with you. Recently had some packages "lost" in the mail because of theivery here at the airport I use to ship my packages. :frown: If you have not recieved your product I apologize in advance. I assure you that I will do everything I can to get you your order as soon as I can. Thanks.
tony, it got here today just like you said.:bow: thanks for the call to my wife. got home today and it made my day. now as soon as i heal up i'm gonna take it for a spin.:biggrin: damm spiders!lol!
took longer to open a candy bar than it took to put together.:grin:first hit was a 3/4" sheetmetal slug 8" deep! wow! played for just 5 min and found ton of trash. gona hit the local tot lot tomorow and see what i can find. :grin:
forgot all about this post untill today. thanks everyone here for their help. had the silver for close to a year. darn good unit! picks up nails at almost a foot and even #9 bird shot at 5+". nothing to take a picture of yet. mule shoe, iron nails, spent bullets, file, rifle/ shot/gun shells, bird shot, blackpower 50 cal. slug, and my best find yet- a broken patch knife (1700-1800's). though i had something once but, just a broken wagon spring. lol!:lol: looking foward to spring! a local has pointed out a old bottle dump that may be a a old still sight. thanks again to everyone here.:wave: