I found Quartz where it shouldnt be.

Maybe one of you old hands can help me with a very strange find. I live in the Southwest and wander about in the wilderness as I like the quiet mostly. I have been looking in creeks between what I believe to be a old silver mine and a small lake about a mile away. As my post suggest, I found Quartz, just one good chunk. While the rocks have small amounts of stuff that could be quartz, I have never found a actual piece of quartz. Just glitters in the rocks. I dont have a picture to post. But can if need be. My question is the importance of quartz in a hardrock area that doesnt appear to have any quartz? I dont believe it was carried in by someone. Any ideas as I believe I may be working a fault at the base of a mountain.


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Someone should have some answers for you, give them some time to see your post or go to the gold prospecting posts and give the guys a pm directly... Good luck!
If you found it in a wash or old creek bed it could have been carried there by flood waters. Why do you say it shouldn't be there?
Thanks for the input Clinebo. It was found in a dry wash coming from a old hard rock mine. There is no quartz anywhere, and I have been all over that peak. It appeared to have lead or silver embedded which is what the mine is marked. When I pan I find very fine silver like in the bottom of the pan. I have moved on hoping to find the buttery looking stuff in the surrounding area.
Its interesting to me that you just found the one piece. Usually when I find a chunk of quartz, once I start searching the area I find more. Maybe someone was packing it from a more distant source and it fell from their pack or bag.
Well thats the riddle. Just one golf ball piece. I know there is lava tubes up above. But this piece had been worn almost smooth. I may just hike the dry wash and see if there is and quartz veins up higher.