Pendulum dowsing

i really dont understand what dowsing is. people have tried to explain it but its all confusing. it sounds like witchcraft. how can you find treasure with a rope and a plum bob.?
Pumdulum dowsing

What is dowsing. There are so many theories that you could spend a lifetime thinking about them. Some use mental thoughts and others don't. Two rods, one rod, bobbers etc. What works for me may not work for you. I use two rods for everything including map dowsing. I work hard to keep the mental aspect out of my dowsing and rely on signals from the objects to enter my feet and make the rods cross. How does it work. No idea but it does....Art



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ART, ERIC, Dowsing is the ability of a person to use an instrument as an aid in locating items of unkown locations via the use of electromagnetic energy fields. Each item has its own energy field and can be located via the dowsing instrument through a baiting process therby causing the energies to form a common bond between them.
Some people attempt to relate dowsing to the ability of an animal to "smell" water. However, just as man has more ability than that of a stimulus-response animal, he too has more ability than that of just being able to locate water.
Dowsing is also called radiesthesia. This relates to the sensitivity of the radiations that emanate from PEOPLE, WATER, MINERALS and OTHER ITEMS. Some people suspect that dwsing is related to electromagnetism.
The choice of instruments is left entirely up to the individual. Mostly picked from tried and tested methods. EACH DOWSER IS DIFFERENT and their style and tech. has to be determined by the individual dowser.
It is a science that has to be studied and researched. To some it comes naturally i.e. The old time water dowsers but it does take some study and practice.....PAPPY:spin: :spin: :spin:
Hey Pappy...Well said. When inventor Thomas A. Edison, was once asked, "What is electricity?" He replied: "I don't know either - but its there - so lets use it" ...Art

I know in the western part of Texas alot of the old timers used dowsing to locate spots to build their wells. Mineral Wells Texas was orginally a dowsed location. The early pioneers depended on dowsing much the same as we depend on the metal detectors. We know there is treasure in the ground, but finding a means of telling us where is a whole nother matter. I for one have seen it done and was skeptical at first, but now I am not. Here is a little test to prove it works. Get you two rods out of a clothes hanger about 12 " each. Bend about 3-4 inches down into an "L" shape on each one. Have someone in your house cut on the water in either the kitchen or the restroom. Go out to your watermeter and hold rods about 6-8 inches apart in frot of you. Then walk towards the sside of your house. the rods will cross when you cross the water line. This is if you don't grip rods too tight. Allow freedom of movement. It also works on telephone line and metal objects. Getting mentally prepped for which ever you are looking for is the deciding factor on the outcome. This also works with the water off but amatures have better luck with moving water.

This is just an example of a type of dowsing. Everyone I have had try it found out it does work. Sometimes the rods swing away from each other instead of towards each other. My son is a good example of this
Hi Bill, with 20 years intensive research and practical experience into dowsing, I find that map and picture dowsing definitely work.
When reception is reliable for dowsing, I can even dowse outside the perimeter of a map or pic. I feel that times when dowsing works and does not work is sadly neglected on dowsing forums , because a potential red hot dowser may never attempt to dowse past his first aborted attempt cause he was an hour too early, or 3 hours too late.
What is the best time to douse? Could be my problem.
Reasonable Price Pendulum

Pappy, good D! May I know what is this Reasonable Price Pendulum you're mentioning? For I am looking this kind in my project in the Philippines including its freight. I have many projects here in our country but I can't pinpoint exactly where its actual location due to lack of instrument.

Or if you have this kind, can I borrow it?:snowman:

Thanks N Advance...:grin:



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This is so intriguing to me...that a person can locate a good hunting spot using this method. I'm almost interested enough to give it a go.
This is so intriguing to me...that a person can locate a good hunting spot using this method. I'm almost interested enough to give it a go.
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