Pic's of Coins for "Spring Hunt"


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Here's are some pic's of the coins to buried at all hunts in 2-day hunt coming soon, doesnt' make wondering "we there Yet"

UPDATE: CLAD COINS HUNT is buried today of Sunday 17, 2009

I felt good today so I buried 200+ coins , Plus 12 fall tokens for coin prizes, match the number token towards the 2 x 2 coin prizes!!!

See U soon! :multi:




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I was crippled the last hunt for two days.......Im going to have to take a personal injury leave from work after this hunt.

Your The Man Perry!!!!!:bow::bow::bow::bow:


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Humbug on the coins... Arrr be lookin fer that Jolly Roger in de Booty bag of gems :arghh:.
You Da Man Perry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :duel:
16 Days til the fun begins!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!! :multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi::multi:


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THAT IS SOME KINDA COINS THERE!!! Sure wishin I could attend!!! You all are going to have a blast!!! Awesome of you Perry for all the work you are doing!!!:bow::bthumb::bthumb::bthumb::bthumb: Sure hope someone does a short vid of the day!!!