Scottish limerick


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BullBat, A Big Welcome to you to TQ from Georgia. You are a True Poet and Don't Know It! If your like me, they rhyme all the time but they aint' worth a dime.


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I will make a poor attempt here. I heavily emphasize the word Poor. I am not a professional like Ian.

There once was a man named Patty O'
That would never disclose his last name
Tho' his friends tried and pried
One could never find out
And the results were always the same.
Then one day while searching through documents
A close family friend sat and stared
For the truth was right there
and he couldn't believe.....his friends last name was Chare. :whistle:


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It seems a long time since I posted any limericks.
So here are 3 Scottish ones, hope you enjoy.

A man from the Mull of Kintyre
Said, "My bagpipes are always for hire."
When he started to play,
He was shot, so they say,
Which deflated them just like a tire.

Some bagpipes were stolen! I kid
You not, folks, for happen it did.
Police, under cover,
Seek a true music lover,
Or maybe a short-sighted squid.

I purchased some bagpipes last week,
And practised their droning and squeak.
My neighbor next door
Though, who hails from Jaipur,
Said the noise of the pipes made him Sikh.