Silver Sabre uMax verses Silver uMax - Thoughts ?

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I am curious which Silver Sabre metal detecter the Tesoro community favors and why?


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The Silver Saber Umax is not being made any more but many consider it one of the best Tesoro ever made. It had a pinpoint built into it, and was a sweet unit. Now do not get me wrong the Silver is a great unit and will find the good stuff for sure. Both are great units, Beale.
I have the Silver Sabre Umax and love it! It detects pretty deep for such a small, lite machine. I have a 12x10 coil and the stock 8.5.They dont make silver sabre its just silver umax.

Have you looked at the Cibola? It's about hundred more on Ebay and I hear great things from folks who use it.
Silver Sabre Umax

I just found one,and if you get a chance to buy one,GET IT!

The pinpoint button is "TRUE ALL METAL" and is REAL HOT at locating outlining the target..Also, it has a outer threshold control, for boosting
the deeper targets...

How much extra depth are you guys getting with the 10x12 coil?

Measured dime?
Measured nickle?
Measured ring?
Measured quarter? Thanks,
Dave Clairton,PA.