the Magic program!


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here is the program I ran and it's a BEAST on the V3i....

It basically supercharges the V3i to go DEEP but with a slow sweep speed. You WILL pick out silver and coins in the iron and garbage, no matter hoe hunted out the site is. I just hit a park that has been hunted out for the last 30 years+! I am still stoked at my finds!

I am ot sure if the program runs HOT on my machine or if it just works that good in the western PA soil(?) You WILL dig a plug and then have to dig a hole deeper in the plug!

I have added a pic of the Merc I found an the crap that was in the hole and plug... the V3i picked the Merc out of the garbage perfectly!

Don't use it IF:
#1 you rely 100% on VDI to dig... it will be off!
#2 you're pinpointing will be bad.... because of the DEPTH and losses on it!
#3 you hate a 'chatty' program. I you have an AT Pro and LOVE the Pro-Mode, Iron Audio=ON... you will love this!
#4 you have a fast sweep speed and can't slow down

Use this program IF:
#1 you want to cherry-pick coins out of an iron infested site
#2 you want to hit silver hidden in iron/trash in places hunted out
#3 you can swing SLOW... and pick out the high tones
#4 you want to dig DEEP! As in 10"+ !!!

HERE IT IS:................................

Rx gain 10 to start and adjust from there
Tx boost off
Disc. 88-93
All metal 70

Bottle cap reject off
Hot rock off
Reject -95 to -89
Accept -88 to +94
Reject +95
(if your ground phases into the -80s you will want to reject down into the -80 range.)

I set these tones to my liking and you may want to put in your own. I use higher tones for good targets that I look for. (Example...51 to 54 is Indian penny range so it gets a higher tone) I use the 5 tone on the iron range to tell where the iron is and it sounds like a ticking sound. Some people like this while others don't. I like to know whats in the ground. The more info the better for me!)

-95 to -6 5
-5 to -1 50
0 to +9 150
+10 to +12 165
+13 to +17 175
+18 to +22 225
+23 to +29 175
+30 to +39 190
+40 to +49 200
+50 210
+51 to +54 225
+55 to +59 210
+60 to +67 220
+68 to +89 250
+90 to +94 255

I use three frequency in Best data
I use lock trac with a offset of +1 and ground balance every 20 minutes or so
(Watch the arrows while ground balancing and wait until they start to switch back and forth left to right before releasing.)

5 band filter. (Adjust for your ground)
Recovery speed. 50 to 100 range
( I usually hunt at 65 until I know the area, If its trashy I go to 50, if moderate I hunt at 60 to 75, and for no trash and deep I go to 80 to 100. On some rare occasions I have hunt at 120 with good results in a almost no target type field.)

I use intensity base threshold of 70
Fade rate at 4
(These are just personal preference and do not effect depth)
...make sure you have 'TONES' turned on............
...make sure you ground balance OUT of the iron and trash you are in (every 20 minutes or so)
...make sure you dig a hole inside of your plug (you will dig deep!)



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Another day out and to a small park in the middle of Pittsburgh. It has been hunted out as long as they have detectors. Running the hot program I have and it's nice hitting targets 8-13" deep. In this park, ther eis no low clad of even tabs, caps, or foil. It has been hunted out.
Nothing like hitting 5 wheaties, a 1961 silver dime and a 1905 Indian Head penny all 8"-13" because no one goes there. And they sounded off pretty good!



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Silver Beagle.... just for the record.... the V3i has an MXT program that mimics it. So that might make your MXT feel better