Today's spot..the terror

From the land of the Bluenose...First Lake, Kinsman Beach Park at one time was a thriving well used beach that today is all but deserted due to poor water quality. This is one of those spots that one must wear chest wadders to protect against swimmers itch and a multitude of blood sucking leeches that are only to happy to dine at your exspense.

Of course if it were not for the great finds this lake would be put on the back burner. The worse thing about this spot is the fact that folks feed the ducks and they in turn leave their "waste" in the water which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Normally the beach has a window of being open for two weeks each summer and that is it. Folks do not realize the disfavour they are doing feeding the ducks who in turn make the swimming area unuseable plus the fact that the ducks are reluctant to leave during the winter.

The bottom is sand then muck then rocks depending on how far out you go and was used many years ago for ice before the advent of the fridge thus colonial tokens can be found here as well as an assortment of artifacts. To the right of the beach is a quagmire where fellows wade in amoungst the weeds to fish. I have actually seen a turtle of some sort here. A mere 5 minutes from home makes for a good spot for a quick swish fix.