V3i vs VX3; what the heck is the difference...(besides price)???

against the wind

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There doesn't seem to anything THAT differant or important to justify a $3oo discrepancy in the MSRP The V3i has coil options and programmable target I.D. capabilitys,,, so what is that,, do they guarantee that the target I.D. can't be wrong?,, and you would still have to pay for any addittional coils. Wait for the prices to drop out on this one. Nice work ,,Rick


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When I purchased my last detector (V3i) the VX3 hadn't came out yet but I do prefer the D2 coil and the battery package is a must as well because they both like using up some battery power. The programing capabilities are much more extensive on the V3i than the VX3 as well. I'm very happy with mine. :)


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I wonder if the VX3 technically and mechanically is like the V3i.... I have 20+ years in sales & marketing so I often think about these things....

A cookie-cutter of the V3i, but just toned down with different programming. You might think 'I bet they have different boards and hardware inside?'... WHY?!?!?...it would cost more developing a new board and everything else for an almost SAME product?!?, you know? Why re-invent the wheel, when you are set up for maufacturing this certain model and already invested $$ in it? It would make sense to come out with the VX3 for 2 reasons.... #1 to hit a price point, and #2 to cater to the detectorists who are intimidated by the V3i, want a more turn-on-and-go machine, and are White's fans.

It's like one of the rifles I own. I own an old Colt AR15. Colt made rifles for civilian use AR15 and for military use M16. At the time of my rifle's manufacture, Colt was using almost EVERY part in both rifles EXCATLY, but a few mods on the lower receiver. My lower receiver can be modified... with ease... to the M16 military model with a new sear and a few other things (not that I would do that because it's against the law) but it's basically the SAME RIFLE! Colt's assembly line kicked out the same basic rifles parts and assembly and they just did a small mod for the civillian model. They met 2 markets with a cost efficiency! Why reinvent the wheel?!?

if I had some extra money, I'd like to buy a VX3 and a V3i and tear them apart. Besides comparing if any hardware differences, I'd take them to a buddy of mine who is one of the lead programmers for Google over in Carnegie Mellon, and see what he says about the software(?)