West TN Crabbing


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Raw War, good to see you posting here again. I like the pic. Have you got some ocean front property in W. Tennessee? That is a cool fossil for sure. When I first saw the pic, I thought it was a crab you might have found in a camp made from lead. I was going by the white looking patina. Lol


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View attachment 97109 View attachment 97108 I've managed to find a few crabs here in west tn. They are in concreations but some are loose in the dirt. Coon Creek formation. Too bad to identify. Two of my best. I've had to glue some pieces back together.

Well I finally got my computer up and going.

I may be able to get some basic info on your crab.
When the deposit and location is known it may be possible.
May I use these photos for some preliminary background investigation?

When I get the "itch" to get out and scratch around I don't always end up with crabs. :whistle:
I am very fortunate in that I can go in any direction from my home and end up in different
depositional strata with ages that range from Pennsylvanian to Pleistocene.
Great variety in so many different strata.
It can be challenging sometimes headed to an area and then becoming sidetracked by some new exposure.

A lot of people can look at a fossil on the ground and not see it until someone points it out.
You are not one of these people.

Thank you for showing us this find it is always great to see others picking or scratching around for fossils. (y)

Jess B.