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Shade Mills Store of Western Maryland Allegany - Garrett County

This Store Book was an exciting find. I purchased it many years ago. I soon found that there was a lot of historical information in this book. The date was 1857 to 1860 and the town was Shade Mills located in western Maryland Allegany county now Garrett county. Shade Mills is now a ghost town located between Frostburg and Grantsville Maryland along historic RT 40. There is very little information documented on this town. The store’s name was Shade Mills and they sold dry goods, meats, candles and other supplies. They also served as post office and a lumber mill. William Frost was the owner and he was the first born male child in Frostburg Maryland. His father Meshach Frost founded Frostburg Maryland. 

This store book has over 681 pages of names, what they purchased and some prices. I picked out a few names to research and found where they were in the Civil War. I created a downloadable 681 page E-Book from this old store book. You can now experience history by going back in time to an1800’s store. Also if you had ancestors from western Maryland Allegany or Garrett county you may just find them in this E-Book. One other note I’d like to mention is I know originally the store owner was William Frost I’m seeing John Wilhelm also. So I’m not sure if John Wilhelm purchased Shade Mills store later or was the store keeper? I don’t know right now. One other thing of interest is there are several newspaper clippings glued to the first few pages, such as Thomas W Frost’s obituary (1903) and an article on the last hope mine along with others.

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